10 Voice Acting Jobs to Earn Extra Money Online From Home

Become a voice actor. Companies are always looking for new talent to incorporate in their projects. By applying for a position, you can expect up to $30 per gig. Having a unique voice usually helps you get hired more often. Nobody really talks about voice acting, so you’re about to be part of a unique opportunity.
Getting Started
This is a home-based opportunity, meaning you can do your voice acting gigs straight from the comfort of your home. You can expect to be doing voice-overs, singing and all type of other things. How much you earn will mainly be up to your talent. Your talent will determine how many offers you get for gigs. If your talented enough, you could create a full-time gig from this!

10 Voice Acting Websites Worth Signing Up with and Earning Money


Unfortunately, these fellows aren’t looking for any amateurs. Your going to need of had to experience before applying to Voice Bunny. Getting hired is a tough process, as they only want the best of the best. The trouble is worth it. Getting approved means your going to be making an insane amount of money voice acting.
You’ll be voice acting on things like video games, commercials, presentations and tons of other things. You can browse through gigs that you can apply to. The earning potential is unlimited. Your earning potential is based on your performance.

2. Filmless

Filmless is a service for getting your videos professionally edited. Each client is looking for something different. Some people are looking for voice-overs, while others want help with improving clips with FX work.

Having video editing skills isn’t a requirement, but it could help with you getting more gigs which would mean more money in your pocket. Here’s a glance at the job positions at Filmless
Full-time positions are open. Turning this into a career and doing this full-time is definitely an option for people who are passionate about this type of work.
  • Must have at least 5 years of experience in voice acting gigs.
  • Having sample work is a plus and can really help with getting hired.
  • Do you have a studio or one that you can access? This is a necessity.
  • Must be able to reach deadlines. This is no job for people who aren’t responsible.

3. TakeLessons

TakeLessons is a website for many talents including singing, dancing, mathematics, or even if you’re good with musical instruments like the guitar.
The website is particularly known for helping those who would like to develop and hone in on their talents.
Along with those looking for help on TakeLessons are those that are willing to help. And if you’ve been gifted with a beautiful singing voice, you can lend your time to tutoring the many who would like to better their own voice.
An awesome con to working on TakeLessons is that you make your own schedule and choose when you are available. Also, you can offer different packages with different prices, depending on how determined your clients are.
To get started, just submit a portfolio of your previous work (try to make it as professional as possible) and some basic information about yourself. TakeLessons will take it from there and match you with a good package to get you earning money.

4. Voices.com

One of the best options for those looking for voice acting opportunities, Voices.com is home to around 200,000 current voice actors.

The platform generally makes it easy for newbies to earn and even build a portfolio. And setting up an account is extremely easy compared to other voice acting sites.
The earning potential for each project, (depending on the project, of course) is between $150 and $1500.
Voices.com is a global opportunity, and there are projects waiting for you no matter where you are from in the world. But if you happen to be bilingual, this is also a major plus to your earning potential.

5. SnapRecordings

SnapRecordings is looking for all type of voices ranging from unique and even just plain. Your voice will be used for all sorts of things such as pre-recorded telephone messages, greeting cards and more.
I didn’t see any crazy requirements during my research. You’ll need to have some equipment at the bare minimum. A simple voice recording studio will do fine. The application process is almost identical to the setup of voices.com

6. EarWorks

A talent agency that specializes with voices, this company searches day-to-day all over the internet for unique voice talents to add to their company. It can be hard getting positions with most companies due to the fact that they require you to have years of experience with voice acting jobs.
The hiring process with EarWork simply wants you to send in a script auditioning for a voice acting job. You’ll get hired if you do a good job. In fact, this will probably be the easiest company to work with for beginners that haven’t built a portfolio yet but are confident in their skills as a voice actor. Once you build your record up, it will help you get higher paying gigs and will allow you to get in more companies which will increase the number of daily gigs available to you.

7. UpWork

UpWork is a freelancing website where you can offer your expertise on just about anything, including voice acting. The great thing about this website is that you don’t need to go through the hiring process. Simply create an account and browse through available gigs around voice acting.
You will be able to talk with potential clients through messaging you. You tell them about yourself and why you’re fit for the job and if everything checks out, they hire you for the gig on the spot. I like the setup of UpWork because there is more control of what jobs you want to do. Clients can browse through voice acting freelancer and read through their bios to see who might be a good fit. They may land on your page where they can request you for the gig and you get the choice of accepting or denying that request. It works vice versa where you can actually look at available jobs and request to complete it.

8. TheVoiceRealm

Professionalism is really big with this company. They’re looking for people who could be on the radio or even featured in a TV commercial. Your skills will have to be perfect. This isn’t a company for someone that is just starting out in the game.
The approval process will be hard. The great thing is that the ones hard to apply to pay the most. It will be very rewarding if you get the opportunity to be apart of the TheVoiceRealm. Besides possibly radio and commercial gigs, you may be doing audiobook recordings, audio training, etc.

9. Bodalgo

Bodalgo is another simple process of signing up and registering, then sending in some samples following the demo prompts they give on their site.

Signing up is also free. And this site isn’t shy with hiring anybody that’s good, so there’s an opportunity for just about everyone.
Once you’ve signed up and a client has taken a particular interest in your work, they will contact you directly and get you started on projects according to your terms.
Also, Bodalgo offers training for their sign-ups to ensure that their clients are getting the best work possible.
Before starting a project, they will send you a sample of the work that needs your voice talent. This way, you can set a budget for your services.

10. Voices123

Voice123 is known to have the largest marketplace in the industry with about 200,000 job openings right now according to the homepage of the website. Clients will be able to listen to your samples before hiring you for certain jobs. Submit your best work to ensure that tons of clients hit you up for work.

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