Get Paid to Watch Movie Previews (Up to $300/month)

No one really talks about this! Companies will seriously pay you to sit down on your laptop and watch short 30-second clips on movies that are getting ready to come out! It doesn’t matter where you’re at in the world, you could be getting in on this!
1. Earn up to $225/Month Watching Movie Previews

I got $5 just for signing up with Vindale Research. I was shown videos on movie previews, celebrities, cute baby clips and many other types of videos.
Earning $225.35 came easy. I got a check in the mail at the end of the month, which came just in time to pay for my phone bill (yay me!).
The way it works is simple; Vindale Research will let you know before you start the playlist how long the sequence of videos is. This is good to because, in order to be compensated for watching the videos, you must watch them in the order that Vindale Research has them (which means no skipping). The playlist length ranges from a few minutes to about half an hour.

2. Make Around $90/mo Letting Videos Play At Work

MyPoints is another site that will pay you to watch short videos. The cool thing about MyPoints is you really don’t have to pay attention to what’s playing. Just hit “play” on the playlist and the videos will just keep coming.
The app has different categories that are sure to appeal to anyone’s interest. The maximum earning potential for MyPoints is $90. Not much, but it’s a lot when you realize you do nearly nothing for it.
MyPoints even have an app called MyPointsTV where the app is dedicated to making it easy for you to just let these videos play.
TIP: If you have an extra device available (tablet, computer, phone etc) you can set MyPointsTV up on it. Then just let the videos run.

3. Make $30 a Day Watching Movies

How often can you get someone to pay for your movie ticket? Well, some companies can do you one better and actually PAY for you to go to the movies!
That’s right! It’s called an “in-theater check” and you’re essentially getting paid to watch a movie, around $30 a showing!
But why would anyone pay you to watch a movie? Well, here’s why:
Movie theaters and movie studios need data on the types of audiences that go to new movies first premiers. The number of ticket purchases on the premier’s first day, which showing or screening is the most popular and what previews are they playing are among the questions they need answers to. They prefer this information from an outside source; enter YOU!
You’ll be their independent movie premier secret shopper. To get your first “in-theater check” you have to first apply with Market Force Information, a mystery shopping company.
Filling out the application won’t take long at all; it’s only a few questions long. And just about everyone in the United Sates and Canada can be accepted.
If and once you’re accepted, be on the look out for emails from the company. The emails will have assignments for you to complete around your area, any of which you can accept or decline. Maybe a particular movie is of your interest, just decline the assignment and wait for the next one.
Being a movie premier secret shopper isn’t a get rich quick type thing, but a movie ticket you didn’t have to pay for and a check for watching a movie is definitely not money to be missed out on!

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